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I know you’ve all been toiling long and hard over my extended absence. It’s okay, I know you’ve been drowning your tears in my many posts of yore. Well I wanted to let you all know that my absence was not in vain. I’ve been working on a present. One that is ready to be unwrapped!

Over the past year I’ve produced a short film, it’s called GOUGE, and it’s 15-minutes of pure gut-wrenching horror! Now that the film is done (phew) I can take it on tour across the globe and show it off to my many (but few) followers! I’d love all of you to be a part of the tour and come to any and as many of the exhibitions we’ll be participating in.

First stop on the Festival Tour is the Jersey Shore Shorts Festival on April 27 in Asbury Park. But before we fist pump it to the Shore, I’ll be hosting the GOUGE World Premiere Screening in my hometown of NYC at my alma mater NYU Tisch.


You are invited to the GOUGE World Premiere Screening!

GOUGE World Premiere Screening

Friday, April 18, 2014, 7-9pm

NYU Tisch 721 Broadway, Rm. 109

RSVP with your Full Name in the COMMENT BOX to attend!

In attendance will be the filmmaker, Briana Bleecker, cast and crew. Never before seen footage will be played early during the screening, with a Q&A to follow.

Visit www.GOUGEfilm.com for more news, videos and photos!

GOUGE Festival Premiere at Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival


It is my pleasure to announce the first stop on the GOUGE Festival Tour: the Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival! This is your chance to fist pump your way to the Shore and be treated to a plethora of short films in every genre. Spring has sprung on the East Coast, I hope to see you all down in Asbury Park on April 27th for the Festival Premiere of GOUGE, the must-see 15-minute thriller.

Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Showroom in Asbury Park, NJ

Horror/Thriller Block 8, 1:40 pm, Room 1


Buy Tickets to the Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival! There are only a couple of tickets left for the Horror/Thriller block featuring GOUGE. Block 8 1:40pm Room 1.

Visit www.GOUGEfilm.com for more news, videos and photos!


Breaking Bad gives us another extremely cold open as we see the coolest kid you will never be dirt biking through the desert and then befriending a cuddly tarantula. Opening Credits! Who is this kid? I don’t know, but I’m guessing he’s going to be revisited somewhere this episode. Walt pays Hank a visit at his new fancy boss man office and breaks down about Skyler. Hank, being an uncomfortable straight man around other straight man tears, leaves. Giving Walt the opportunity to plant a bug in Hank’s office. What is he going to use that for I wonder?

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Breaking Bad opened this week with the fabulous and newly fortified Prius returning to Walt, along with his increddible headwear. The return of Heisenberg’s hat prompted a lot of rash behavior this week. For example, when Walt got his run-over-a-witness-mobile fixed for free he went around and sold it to the mechanic for $50! Afterall, the only reason Walt got the damn thing fixed anyway was so he could look at his awesome hat in the driver’s side mirror.

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This week’s episode of Breaking Bad opens up in prison and we learn that Mike has two skills we weren’t privy to before, (1) he moonlights as a paralegal and (2) he gives a mean side-eye. Okay, well we might have already known about the side-eye thing, but this is Mike, so any new face is worth mentioning. We learn that Mike is making the rounds to all of his “guys” to let them know that even though the DEA took all their Gus Hush Money, they will be receiving their “Hazard Money” soon.

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So the fabulous Breaking Bad is back and badder than ever! Episode 2 opens with a sad looking German dude sampling tater tot dipping sauces – I don’t know about him, but if that was my job I’d put a fucking smile on my face. Anyway, we discover that this man, is some super important business owner guy who, guess what? Owns Pollos Hermanos. The DEA were able to trace the whole big meth operation back to this tater tot eating German guy using the scribble scratch on the picture frame from episode 1 and they want answers! Too bad Herr Tator Tot decides to off himself by grabbing the nearest unattended defibrillator and giving himself the big deep fry.

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You’re wondering where I’ve been and all I can say to you is that I’ve been busy. I could fill you in on all the gory details of the past year but thats not why you clicked this post. You’re reading this because you’re like me and you’ve at last been released from television pergatory to only be welcomed into the kingdom of our savior Walter White.

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Interactions With An Anonymous Stranger Who Will Remain Nameless Pt. V

The Outlaw

It was noon on the 4th of July. The sun hung high in the sky as I ran down the winding mountainside. My formerly spastic running had been replaced by something more steady; my breath was deep and even, my stride was fast and long, and the city pavement and skyline had been replaced by a pothole ridden mountain road canopied by hundred year woods. It was beautiful, and something that helped me clear my mind. Two miles down, two miles up. As I rounded the final bend down the mountain I saw the bottom of the ski slope I’d just run down,

“This is going to be a bitch back up,” I said to myself, out of breath.

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30 MUSTACHE RIDES: The Official Mustache List

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a good list so here you go. I’ve noticed a trend that’s popped back up, one that hasn’t been prevalent so much in our culture since the 70’s, you know what I’m talking about… mustaches. Twirl them, comb them, ride them, they’re all the same… or so I thought. I have to admit, while I go weak in the knees for facial hair, the one type that always gave me the “there’s a child molester breathing down the back of my neck” shivers were mustaches… up until now that is. I see it all the time now, men sporting bare faces with a snuggled upper lip and I have to say… it’s kind of turning me on.

So I took it upon myself to embrace this new trend of male grooming (because let’s face it, any kind of male grooming should be embraced. Am I right ladies?!) and I’ve compiled the ultimate list! So here it is, the good, the bad and the ugly in MUSTACHES!

Hot Mustaches

Honorable Mustaches

Evil Mustaches

DISCLAIMER: I’m not telling every guy out there to grow a mustache just because you can. You need a certain type of face, a certain refinement, and a certain confidence to pull one off correctly. Please see the above examples for good mustaches and bad mustaches.

COSMO: What I Learned In May 2011

It must be that time of the month again! My May issue of Cosmopolitan, staring Paramore’s Hayley Williams, came in the mail! And as per our agreement, I’ve thumbed through the countless ads for self-tanner and diet pills to find the very best, this month’s issue has to offer! And as per our agreement, you shall read what I have to say. Now go! READ IT!

Hayley Williams: Corn Dog of Revenge pg. 46-49

The Rubber-Band Effect pg. 144-147

I Have Orgasms All Day Long pg. 214-215

Sex Moves His Ex Didn’t Do pg. 141-143

How Guys Really Feel About Your BO pg. 82

Decode His Texts pg. 256

May Look Book

Check out full scans of Hayley’s boring interview.

Go on, take a bite!